Submit a paper

We welcome proffered papers. Please review our Editorial criteria and Editorial policies pages and download our Author guidelines before you make your submission to the journal. We also encourage you to complete our Author checklist, which will help you ensure you have taken all necessary steps for submitting your paper.


Public Health Research & Practice uses the journal management system ScholarOne. If you need help using the system, please refer to the ScholarOne online help guide for authors or contact the Editor, Ms Nyssa Skilton.

We also require authors to complete the forms outlined below as a condition of publication. Please submit these with your manuscript.

Conflict of Interest declaration

Each author is required to sign a conflict of interest form in the interests of transparency. Conflicts may be financial or non-financial. Public Health Research & Practice uses the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) disclosure form. This form is housed in ScholarOne for the corresponding author and is also available below.

The corresponding author should include a summary statement on conflict of interest in the manuscript template. This will be published with the article. If there are no conflicts to declare, this will be stated on the article.

Opening the Conflict of Interest form

The Conflict of Interest Declaration is an Adobe form. Adobe forms must be opened using an Adobe program, such as Adobe Reader (version eight or newer, which can be downloaded for free here) or Adobe Acrobat. Most non-Adobe PDF viewers (Apple Preview, Google Chrome PDF viewer, etc) will not allow you to submit the form electronically. If you cannot open this form, please save it to your desktop so you can open it in Adobe.

Licence to Publish

Authors are also required to sign a licence to publish form. This is done by the corresponding author on behalf of all other authors digitally via ScholarOne. See our Copyright policy for more information.

Authorship statement

Authors are required to supply a short statement outlining each author’s contribution with each manuscript. This can be uploaded in ScholarOne. Please review our Authorship policy before compiling this statement.

Data availability form

The corresponding author must fill out the data availability form, detailing where the data that supports the findings of their research is located.

The journal encourages authors, where possible and applicable, to deposit data that support the findings of their research in a public repository such as an institutional repository (e.g., with the authors’ affiliated university) or a general repository such as figshare.

Authors may be requested by the editorial team to provide data and/or to verify findings.

Important notes:

  • Published or in-press articles based on the same research data as a manuscript submitted to the journal must be disclosed and a copy supplied as a supplementary file with the manuscript.
  • Authors must obtain the appropriate clearances for the material contained in their paper from their directors or supervisors before submission
  • Authors must provide an assurance that their research has received the relevant ethics approvals.