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COVIDSafe might actually be useful after all

COVIDSafe, Australia’s coronavirus contact tracing app, may not be totally useless, according to modelling released on Tuesday by the Sax Institute in Sydney. The peer-reviewed research shows that it would be “vital” to continue social distancing and large-scale testing to avoid a so-called “second wave” of COVID-19 infections, but also that COVIDSafe “has the potential to be […]


COVIDSafe was ‘sunscreen’ for coronavirus, until it wasn’t. Have we chosen the right solution to the pandemic?

When it launched, COVIDSafe was marketed as Australia’s ticket out of lockdown, so long as everyone downloaded it. “If you want to go outside when the sun is shining, you have got to put sunscreen on. This is the same thing,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at the time. Two months on, state and territory health […]

ABC News Online

COVIDSafe will help us ride second wave

With an effective COVID-19 vaccine possibly still more than a year away, it’s no surprise to see enormous interest in ways of treating the disease or limiting its spread. We certainly cannot afford to write off prematurely approaches that evidence suggests offer large potential benefits. The Australian COVIDSafe app is a good example. See the […]

The Sun Herald: Opinion article by Danielle Currie and Michael Frommer

Summer bushfire smoke caused health problems in two-thirds of people living in parts of NSW

Two-thirds of people living in a fire-affected part of New South Wales this summer suffered from at least one symptom of exposure to bushfire smoke, researchers have found. A survey of people living in the Hunter and New England local health district in December found that 65% reported experiencing at least one symptom of exposure […]

Guardian Australia

Biosecurity expert Raina MacIntyre assesses Australia’s response to the coronavirus

Head of biosecurity at the Kirby Institute, Professor Raina MacIntyre, praises the response to the coronavirus outbreak in Australia and says it is unlikely the government will have to implement a lockdown like they have in Italy. Raina MacIntyre is a professor of global security at UNSW, Sydney and authored an editorial on COVID-19 in […]

7.30: ABC

Australia’s coronavirus death rate could proportionally be worse than China’s, expert warns

Australia’s coronavirus mortality rate could be higher than China’s, a leading biosecurity expert has warned. University of NSW Professor Raina Macintyre warned the death rate could soar beyond the 3 to 4 per cent mortality rate the World Health Organisation and authorities in China have estimated, due to our ageing population. Read the full article […]

Sydney kids face up to 2800 ads for junk food on school run each year

Sydney students view up to 2800 advertisements for junk food while travelling to and from school each year prompting Cancer Council NSW to call for a ban on such ads being displayed on government property. Research, published by the Sax Institute on Tuesday, used Google Maps to plot the likely commutes of attendees at 21 […]

Sydney Morning Herald

Australia’s coronavirus fatality rate could be higher than China, expert warns

Twelve new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Australia in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to nearly 100. The latest is a staff member at Melbourne’s Carey Grammar school with classes cancelled there today along with two other high schools in Sydney. With COVID-19 now emerging in schools and aged care facilities, […]

RN Breakfast

When health research becomes traumatic

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers are leading research that empowers Indigenous women to share their stories of health and wellbeing. But what happens when health researchers relive the trauma of their participants? Dr Anne-Marie Eades is an Aboriginal woman, registered nurse and health researcher whose paper for Public Health Research & Practice looks at […]

Kicking goals in men’s health

The figures are stark and sobering: Australian men have a shorter life expectancy than women and die from heart disease at nearly twice the rate – statistically men seek medical advice much later in the course of their illness. How to turn things around? An online-early paper published in the Sax Institute’s peer-reviewed journal Public Health Research & […]

The Sax Institute