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Scant resources for obesity prevention revealed in new analysis

MEDIA RELEASE: 4 April 2024 A dearth of Australian Government funding for obesity prevention is undermining our ability to promote healthy behaviours and cut healthcare costs, say the authors of a new research paper. The study is published in a special issue of Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal of the Sax Institute, […]

How living in an urban environment impacts our health – and what we need to do about it

MEDIA RELEASE: 6 December 2023 Growing inequalities, strained infrastructure, acute housing crises, unhealthy lifestyles and extreme heat are just some of the major challenges affecting the health and wellbeing of people living in urban environments, say the editors of a new series of papers on urban planning and development for health. The papers appear in […]

Public Health Research & Practice

PHRP Awards recognise outstanding public health research with real-world impact

MEDIA RELEASE: 9 November 2023 A paper on the true cost of waiting times for cataract surgery in Australia and another on addressing the challenges health services must overcome to meet the needs of those seeking treatment for obesity have been honoured in this year’s PHRP Excellence Awards. The awards celebrate outstanding papers that have been […]

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Mental health tops the ranking as men’s greatest health concern

MEDIA RELEASE: 26 October 2023 When it comes to their health concerns, men are primarily worried about their mental health and neglect opportunities to address their physical health needs, according to a new survey of nearly 1300 men from a nationally representative panel. Results from the survey, published today in a research paper in Public […]

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Evidence “not there yet” for therapeutic use of psychedelics, say key players

Evidence to support the widespread use of psychedelic drugs to treat mental health conditions is lacking, say key stakeholders interviewed for a new research paper.

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Not just window dressing: how a true ‘wellbeing economy’ can tackle urgent social and environmental challenges

MEDIA RELEASE: 5 July 2023 The concept of the ‘wellbeing economy’ – where the economy is designed to serve the wellbeing of the people and planet rather than the other way around – has captured the interest of many governments. However, there is a danger it will be adopted as mere policy ‘window dressing’ rather […]

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Big Tobacco use of ‘revolving door’ between government and industry revealed in Australia-first study

Media release: 11 May 2023 Australia must urgently strengthen its integrity and transparency legislation around lobbying, say the authors of the first Australian study to analyse how the tobacco industry uses the ‘revolving door’ between government and industry as a key political lobbying mechanism to influence public health policy. Published today in Public Health Research […]

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‘Obsession’ with evidence-based medicine is hindering development of solutions to complex health problems, experts say

Media release: 15 March 2023 A rigid application of research based on evidence-based medicine (EBM) – an approach that has dominated medical thinking for 30 years – is ill-suited to address many complex health issues where social aspects such as poverty play a key role, say experts who argue for greater emphasis on other sources […]

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Expert calls for total elimination of direct sales of vaping products

Media release: 15 March 2023 All sales of vaping products other than those prescribed by a doctor to aid in quitting smoking should be stopped to curb skyrocketing uptake of e-cigarettes in young people, says one of Australia’s leading tobacco control experts in a paper published today. Writing in Public Health Research & Practice, a […]

Public Health Research & Practice

Improved self-harm reporting in NSW emergency departments an advance in suicide prevention

Media release: 16 February 2023 An improved system for reporting on cases of self-harm and suicide-related behaviours in NSW hospital emergency departments (EDs) has more than doubled the estimated annual number of cases identified, according to research published today. Published online early in Public Health Research & Practice, a peer-reviewed journal of the Sax Institute, […]

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