Media Releases

New awards honour health research with real-world impact

Research that is likely to have a real impact on health policy and practice is being celebrated in the inaugural Public Health Research & Practice Excellence Awards. “I’m delighted to present these awards, which recognise scientific excellence combined with real-world impact in papers published in our journal,” said Professor Don Nutbeam, Editor-in-Chief of Public Health […]

Australians ignore risks of mixing alcohol with energy drinks

Many thousands of young Australians are mixing alcohol with caffeine-laden energy drinks with little regard for the potential dangers, according to newly published research. Around 40% of young current drinkers reported drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks (AmED) in the previous year, despite evidence this can cause arrhythmias, anxiety and a range of other health […]


Online consent could strengthen vaccination programs in schools

Vaccination programs in schools to maximise the numbers of pupils protected against dangerous diseases could be strengthened by allowing consent to be lodged online instead of through paper forms, and by ensuring schools do a better job of coordinating the immunisations. A paper in the latest edition of Public Health Research & Practice, published today […]

Refugees and asylum seekers need better continuity of care to deal with complex health needs

Many refugees who are living in the Australian community are missing out on appropriate healthcare due to problems such as fragmented services and poor continuity of care, according to a series of papers in Public Health Research & Practice, published by the Sax Institute, today. Professor Mark Harris, from the Centre for Primary Health Care […]


Public wants better labels on unhealthy foods

Regulations to improve food labelling have strong public support, with almost 80% of people surveyed supporting the introduction of better labels on unhealthy foods such as those that are high in sugar, salt and fat. In a survey of 2474 adults in NSW, Cancer Council NSW researchers found that 86% of people supported a colour-coded […]


Indigenous Australians achieve major progress in reducing smoking, but tobacco’s lethal legacy remains

The number of smoking-related deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians is predicted to continue to increase, and to peak over the next decade, resulting in thousands of premature deaths that are largely preventable. In a paper in the latest edition of the Sax Institute’s journal Public Health Research & Practice, researchers report that […]


Balance urged in cancer screening to avoid health pitfalls of ‘one size fits all’ approach

26 July: Experts have called for a rethink of cancer screening in the light of improved understanding of the complications and consequent poorer outcomes that can result from overdiagnosis of some cancers. In a series of articles published today in the Sax Institute’s Public Health Research & Practice journal, researchers say a ‘one size fits […]


Dysfunctional mental health system urgently needs much more than money: Ian Hickie

27 March: One of Australia’s leading authorities on mental health has challenged the sector to reform what he says is a dysfunctional system instead of just seeking additional funding to “paper over the cracks and support ineffective programs”. In an editorial in the latest edition of the Sax Institute’s journal Public Health Research & Practice, […]


Communicating health risks in a post-truth world

15 February: Public officials faced with the tough task of communicating risk on contentious issues like vaccination or fluoridation – where the actual risk is low but public concern remains high – need to show that they care, demonstrate that they are taking action and strategically engage with the media. That’s the message of a […]

Exotic mosquitoes a clear and present Zika and dengue danger for Australians

14 December: Australia may be at risk of a widespread outbreak of Zika or dengue unless more is done to prevent the establishment of exotic mosquitoes that can carry these diseases in the country, according to a paper published today in the Sax Institute’s Public Health Research & Practice journal. “While we can’t prevent people […]