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Measuring the amount of lead in indoor dust: Long-term dust-fall accumulation in petri dishes (a pilot study) Volume 8 Issue 11-12

John Wlodarczyk, Kim Jardim-Surman, Randall Robertson, Rosemary Aldrich, Ruth Toneguzzi, Michael J. Hensley, Charles Gruszynski, Brian Gulson

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About the author/s

John Wlodarczyk

Kim Jardim-Surman

Randall Robertson

Rosemary Aldrich

Ruth Toneguzzi

Michael J. Hensley

Charles Gruszynski

Brian Gulson


Lead from dust is potentially the major contributor to blood lead levels in children living in urban environments in Australia and is likely to make a substantial contribution to blood lead levels of children living in the vicinity of lead smelters. We undertook a trial of measuring dust in petri dishes to estimate the long-term flux of lead in indoor dust.