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A framework for applying a health outcomes approach Volume 6 Issue 10

Margaret Williamson, Cait Lonie, Ruth Colagiuri, Dianne Kelleher, Elizabeth Terracini, Kym Scanlon, Magnolia Cardona, Hanna Noworytko, Julianne Brown, Andrew Wilson, Glen Close, Helen Moore

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About the author/s

Margaret Williamson

Cait Lonie

Ruth Colagiuri

Dianne Kelleher

Elizabeth Terracini

Kym Scanlon

Magnolia Cardona

Hanna Noworytko

Julianne Brown

Andrew Wilson

Glen Close

Helen Moore


Traditionally the performance of the health system has been assessed by measuring the number, type, length and cost of interactions with patients. With the focus on outcomes, attention is turning to measuring the impact of health services on the health of people.