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Investigation of possible patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis C in a hospital Volume 5 Issue 5

K Chant, K Kociuba, R Munro, S Crone, R Kerridge, J Quin, M Wyland, G Miller, I Turner, J Brown, L Baird, S Locarnini, S Bowden, K G Kenrick, C Maidment

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About the author/s

K Chant

K Kociuba

R Munro

S Crone

R Kerridge

J Quin

M Wyland

G Miller

I Turner

J Brown

L Baird

S Locarnini

S Bowden

K G Kenrick

C Maidment


In December 1993 the NSW Health Department was notified that two patients had presented with acute hepatitis C five and seven weeks after undergoing minor surgical procedures in the same operating session at a Sydney private hospital early that year. Neither case had other risk factors for acute hepatitis C.