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Progress reports of projects funded under the NSW Health Outcomes Program, 1992-1993 Volume 4 Issue 12

Anne Kempton, John Beard, Margaret Burgess, Fiona Blyth, Tony Burrell, David Lyle, Annette Dobson, Jeff Flack, Andrew Gardiner, Bob Scott, John Hall, Greg Stewart, Ken Hillmann, Stephen Colagiuri, David McWilliam

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About the author/s

Anne Kempton

John Beard

Margaret Burgess

Fiona Blyth

Tony Burrell

David Lyle

Annette Dobson

Jeff Flack

Andrew Gardiner

Bob Scott

John Hall

Greg Stewart

Ken Hillmann

Stephen Colagiuri

David McWilliam


In June 1993 a summary of each of the demonstration projects funded in 1992-93 under the NSW Health Outcomes Program was presented. The projects are demonstrating how an outcome-oriented approach in planning, implementation and evaluation of public health and clinical services can produce measurable improvements in health outcomes. Information about three of the projects will be provided in the next Health Outcomes report.