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Australia’s role in promoting and supporting tuberculosis control in the Western Pacific Region

Kerrie A. Shaw

NSW Public Health Bulletin 24(1) 43-48 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/NB12119 Published: 15 July 2013

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About the author/s

Kerrie A. Shaw | South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (Northern Sector) and St Vincent’s Hospital (formerly Australian Respiratory Council, Sydney)

Corresponding author

Kerrie A. Shaw | Kerrie.Shaw2@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au


Twenty-one percent of the world’s tuberculosis cases are found in the Western Pacific Region. The region has demonstrated a lower rate of decline in incidence than the regions of Africa, the Americas and Europe. Issues around drug resistance, human immunodeficiency virus and diabetes impact on the burden of tuberculosis disease in the Western Pacific Region. Australia has exhibited a low and relatively stable tuberculosis incidence rate but has not progressed toward the desired international goal for tuberculosis elimination (