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Developing a strategy to promote the generation and effective use of population health research for NSW Health: 2011–2015 Volume 22 Issue 1-2

Janice S. Biggs, Beth Stickney

NSW Public Health Bulletin 22(2) 4-10 Published: 19 April 2011

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About the author/s

Janice S. Biggs

Beth Stickney


The Population Health Division of the NSW Department of Health has developed a 5-year strategy to improve the effectiveness of its resource investment in population health research. This paper describes the development of the strategy, . A review of Australian and international strategic research documents and stakeholder interviews was conducted to support the development of the strategy. The findings from these two processes influenced the structure of the document and supported the inclusion of strategies and actions to assist with identifying research priorities, improving communication, enhancing networks and partnerships, supporting workforce development initiatives, providing research infrastructure, enhancing research and the use of research evidence and streamlining research governance and ethics processes. Small group discussions and a detailed review of literature were conducted to refine the thinking around four of the more complex aspects of the strategy. Finally, a broad consultation process was used to test the face validity of the proposed strategy content.