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Child Dental Health Survey 2007: a snapshot of the oral health status of primary school-aged children in NSW Volume 20 Issue 3-4

Claire Phelan, Roy Byun, John C. Skinner, Anthony S. Blinkhorn

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 20(4) 40–45 Published online: 27 April 2009

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About the author/s

Claire Phelan

Roy Byun

John C. Skinner

Anthony S. Blinkhorn


Objectives: The Child Dental Health Survey 2007 was commissioned to establish the oral health status of school children in NSW aged 5–12 years, to provide reliable regional oral health statistics and contribute to national population-based data collections. Methods: A total of 7975 children were clinically examined at 107 public, catholic and independent schools across NSW. Results: Key findings from the survey include: mean dmft for 5–6-year-olds of 1.53; mean DMFT for 11–12-year-olds of 0.74; 61.2% of 5–6-year-olds and 65.4% of 11–12-year-olds have never experienced decay in their primary and permanent teeth, respectively. These figures compare favourably to national benchmarks set in 2001. Conclusions: Data from the survey will be used as a baseline to measure the success of early intervention and prevention programs, for international comparisons, to provide solid evidence to support population oral health planning and for ongoing surveillance of populations of interest.