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Provision of smoking care in NSW hospitals: opportunities for further enhancement Volume 19 Issue 3-4

Megan A. G. Freund, Elizabeth M. Campbell, Christine L. Paul, John H. Wiggers, Jenny J. Knight, Elayne N. Mitchell

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 19(4) 50–55 Published online: 29 April 2008

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About the author/s

Megan A. G. Freund

Elizabeth M. Campbell

Christine L. Paul

John H. Wiggers

Jenny J. Knight

Elayne N. Mitchell


The provision of smoking care, including the management of nicotine withdrawal and assistance with a quitting attempt, is identified as an important part of the overall care of hospitalised patients. Levels of smoking care delivery in hospitals have been less than optimal. Increasing this care across multiple facilities and units within NSW Health represents a significant challenge. This article examines levels of smoking care delivery in NSW hospitals, and research evidence and best practice recommendations to inform potential strategies to increase such care. It also reviews statewide initiatives implemented by NSW Health to enhance the delivery of smoking care and suggests further strategies that could facilitate this.