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Health impact assessment on an integrated chronic disease prevention campaign Volume 16 Issue 7-8

Blythe O’Hara, Jenny Hughes, Paul Kehoe, Hannah Baird, Therese Milham, Sharon Hills

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 16(8) 128 - 129 Published: 2005

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About the author/s

Blythe O’Hara

Jenny Hughes

Paul Kehoe

Hannah Baird

Therese Milham

Sharon Hills


A priority in the NSW Chronic Disease Prevention Strategy
2003–2007 is to: Design, test, develop and evaluate a
state-based pilot of an overarching ‘integration’ strategy to
draw together existing programs and activities dealing with
tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, physical activity and mental
health promotion with a view to progressing state-wide
implementation if the evaluation results are favourable.
It is proposed that this priority be addressed through a
chronic disease prevention campaign promoting changes
in knowledge, attitudes and practices on contributory risk
factors to decrease the prevalence of chronic disease among
35–55 year olds. For the purposes of this campaign,
chronic diseases include cardiovascular diseases, cancers,
chronic lung diseases and type 2 diabetes.