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Factors affecting breastfeeding practices. Applying a conceptual framework Volume 16 Issue 3-4

Debra Hector, Lesley King, Karen Webb, Peter Heywood

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 16(4) 52 - 55 Published: 2005

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About the author/s

Debra Hector

Lesley King

Karen Webb

Peter Heywood


A previous paper in this issue has described the considerable
potential health benefits of breastfeeding. Despite this,
survey data show that the majority of NSW women stop
breastfeeding in the early months after birth, and most do
not breastfeed exclusively for the recommended six months
(see Allen and Hector, ‘Benefits of breastfeeding’, and
Hector and Webb, ‘Breastfeeding practices in NSW’ in
this issue). The planning of public health interventions to
promote longer and more exclusive breastfeeding practices
requires an understanding of the factors that affect breastfeeding
(variously referred to as predictors, determinants,
barriers, influences, and contributing factors).