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Epireview : Meningococcal disease in New South Wales,1991–2002 Volume 15 Issue 3-4

David Hogan, Jeremy McAnulty

NSW Public Health Bulletin 24(3) 119-124 Published: 23 December 2013

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About the author/s

David Hogan

Jeremy McAnulty


Meningococcal disease is caused by invasive infection
with the bacteria . Humans are the
only natural reservoir for , 5–10 per cent
of whom have naso-pharangeal colonisation of the bacteria
at any given time. The bacteria are transmitted between
people by secretions from the naso-pharynx. Disease
occurs in rare instances when a virulent strain of the
bacteria invades through the naso-pharynx. Disease can
present in a variety of syndromes, usually meningitis
and/or septicaemia, and more uncommonly pneumonia,
otitis media, septic arthritis, urethritis, and purulent