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Overview of the public health implications of cockroaches and their management Volume 15 Issue 11-12

Peter Mille, Bryce Peters

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 15(12) 208 - 211 Published: 2004

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About the author/s

Peter Mille

Bryce Peters


There are approximately 4,000 species of cockroaches
worldwide and 428 species in Australia. The majority of
these species are not pests but live in the wild, feeding on
decaying vegetation or other organic matter, and they are
important in recycling this material. A number of
cockroaches have become pests and live in or around
homes where they are omnivorous scavengers. The 2 most
significant pest cockroaches worldwide are the German
cockroach (Linnaeus) and the
American cockroach (Linnaeus).