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Foodborne disease surveillance in NSW: Moving towards performance standards Volume 15 Issue 1-2

Craig Dalton

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 15(2) 2 - 5 Published: 2004

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Craig Dalton


NSW Health has sole responsibility for the surveillance
of foodborne disease in humans, through the receipt of
notifications for a range of conditions that are
predominantly or potentially foodborne in transmission.
These conditions include: salmonellosis, listeriosis,
shigellosis, typhoid, Verotoxin producing
infection, cholera, hepatitis A, giardiasis, and
cryptosporidiosis. In addition, outbreaks of foodborne
disease affecting two or more people are notifiable.
Surveillance methods used in NSW are described in detail
in this issue of the NSW Public Health Bulletin by Neville
and McAnulty. This article describes the evolution of,
and recent investments in, foodborne disease surveillance
and control in NSW, and discusses the opportunities to
produce measurable enhancements to food safety from
these investments.