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Staying Active—Staying Safe: Development of a physical activity and falls prevention resource for older people who dwell in the community Volume 13 Issue 1-2

Margaret Armstrong, Amanda Bates, Sally Castell, Patricia Krolik

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 13(2) 13 - 14 Published: 2002

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About the author/s

Margaret Armstrong

Amanda Bates

Sally Castell

Patricia Krolik


Staying Active—Staying Safe is an initiative of the
Northern Sydney Health Promotion unit and the Safe
Communities project in Ryde. The aim of the initiative is
to develop a resource that promotes exercises that can be
completed at home by the more frail members of the older
population. The resource consists of an audiotape and a
booklet, which facilitate exercise at a pace and at a level
of simplicity that is appropriate for this age group. This
article describes the development and evaluation of the
resource, and considers the ways in which the resource is
useful in increasing physical activity, functional mobility,
and self-efficacy in completing everyday tasks.