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Compliance with sharps waste standards by a sample of Sydney acupuncture premises

Louise Blundell, Toni Cains, Kelly-Anne Ressler, Mark J. Ferson

NSW Public Health Bulletin 22(8) 149-153 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/NB10073 Published: 20 September 2011

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About the author/s

Louise Blundell

Toni Cains

Kelly-Anne Ressler

Mark J. Ferson


Aim: To examine current practices with regard to the safe collection, storage and disposal of sharps waste in acupuncture premises and to determine compliance with the NSW Public Health (Skin Penetration) Regulation 2000 and the NSW Health Skin Penetration Code of Best Practice. Methods: A random sample of acupuncturists in the City of Sydney local government area was selected and surveyed using a structured questionnaire. Results: All 26 acupuncturists surveyed had sharps disposal bins and complied with the Regulation, but the following elements of the Code were not uniformly followed: regular disposal of sharps (77%), disposal through a waste contractor (23%) and placement of bins out of reach of visitors (8%). Conclusion: Regular disposal of sharps containers in acupuncture premises could be improved.