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Erratum to: Typhoid and paratyphoid fever in Western Sydney Local Health District, NSW, January–June 2011

Sarah J. Blackstock, Vicky K. Sheppeard, Jen M. Paterson, Anna P. Ralph

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 24(1) 2 - 2 Published: 15 July 2013. Full text doi:10.1071/NB11041_ER.

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About the author/s

Sarah J. Blackstock

Vicky K. Sheppeard

Jen M. Paterson

Anna P. Ralph


We undertook a study of enteric fever, caused by subtypes Typhi and Paratyphi A, presenting in residents of the Western Sydney Local Health District for the period January–June 2011. Twelve cases of Typhi and eight of Paratyphi A were notified. Patients were predominantly young adults (median age 26 years, 70% female) who had been visiting friends and relatives in India, Samoa, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. No cases were associated with travel for less than 3 weeks; 17 (85%) required hospitalisation. None received pre-travel vaccination; reasons cited for this included pregnancy, expense, being too busy, or considering the disease too mild to warrant vaccination. Three . Typhi isolates acquired at large social gatherings in Samoa had the same serotype and susceptibility profiles; these results were communicated to Samoan public health personnel. There are opportunities to strengthen enteric fever prevention, including pre-travel health advice and . Typhi vaccination for people visiting endemic areas for 3 or more weeks, especially those in the vulnerable ‘visiting friends and relative’ category.