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One Health in NSW: coordination of human and animal health sector management of zoonoses of public health significance Volume 22 Issue 5-6

Sheena Adamson, Andrew Marich, Ian Roth

NSW Public Health Bulletin 22(6) 105-112 Published: 25 July 2011

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About the author/s

Sheena Adamson

Andrew Marich

Ian Roth


Zoonoses of public health significance may occur in wildlife, livestock or companion animals, and may be detected by the human or animal health sectors. Of particular public health interest are foodborne, arboviral and emerging zoonoses (known/unknown, endemic/exotic). A coordinated One Health approach to the management of zoonoses in NSW uses measures including: mutually agreed intersectoral procedures for detection and response; surveillance and notification systems for defined endemic and exotic diseases; joint meetings and exercises to ensure currency of response plans; and intersectoral communication during a response. This One Health approach is effective and ensures the interests of both the human health and animal health sectors are addressed.