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EpiReview: Tuberculosis in NSW, 2008 Volume 21 Issue 7-8

April R. Roberts-Witteveen, AmandaJ. Christensen, Jeremy M. McAnulty

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 21(8) 174–182 Published online: 27 September 2010

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About the author/s

April R. Roberts-Witteveen

AmandaJ. Christensen

Jeremy M. McAnulty


Aim: To describe the epidemiology of tuberculosis cases notified in NSW in 2008. Method: Data on tuberculosis cases resident in NSW that were reported in 2008 were extracted from the Notifiable Diseases Database. Demographic, microbiological, clinical and other characteristics of cases were described. Incidence rates per 100000 were calculated. Results: In 2008, 498 tuberculosis cases were notified in NSW (7.1 cases per 100000 population). Most cases were newly diagnosed (=479, 96%). The lung was the most common site of disease (=304, 61%). Eight of 269 tested cases (1.6%) had a HIV-tuberculosis co-infection. One case had multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Most cases reported past residence (=429, 86%) or birth (=378, 76%) in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis. Conclusion: The incidence of tuberculosis in NSW increased slightly in 2008. Most cases had links to countries with a high tuberculosis incidence.