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The Healthy Built Environments Program: a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Health and the University of NSW

Susan M. Thompson, Andrew Whitehead, Anthony G. Capon

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 21(6) 134–138 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/NB10020 Published online: 16 July 2010

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About the author/s

Susan M. Thompson

Andrew Whitehead

Anthony G. Capon


The built environment is increasingly viewed as an important determinant of human health. Consequently creating environments that promote health and wellbeing is one of the NSW Department of Health’s key preventive health priorities. This article describes a new program focused on improving health through the quality of the built environment. Recently established in the City Futures Research Centre, Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW, the Healthy Built Environments Program receives funding from the NSW Department of Health. The Program will foster cross-disciplinary research, deliver education and workforce development, and advocate for health as a primary consideration in built environment decision making. The Program brings the combined efforts of researchers, educators, practitioners and policymakers from the built environment and health sectors to the prevention of contemporary health problems. The Program’s vision is that built environments will be planned, designed, developed and managed in ways that promote and protect the health of all people.