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The re-evaluation of the use of videoconferencing to deliver the Bug Breakfast, December 2004 Volume 20 Issue 2

Carlie-Jane Naylor, D. Lynne Madden, Dawn Simpson

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About the author/s

Carlie-Jane Naylor

D. Lynne Madden

Dawn Simpson


Bug Breakfast is a continuing professional development activity for the multidisciplinary public health workforce in NSW. It is a series of seminars of one-hour duration about communicable diseases that are delivered by the NSW Department of Health approximately 11 times a year. Since 1999, the Bug Breakfast has been videoconferenced through the resources of the NSW Telehealth Initiative to up to 19 remote sites across NSW to enable the participation of rural public health practitioners. This report presents the results of a 2004 evaluation of the videoconferencing of the Bug Breakfast to assess the effect of implementing a range of recommendations intended to improve the quality of the learning experience of participants at both the live and remote sites.