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Feral pig hunting: a risk factor for human brucellosis in north-west NSW? Volume 20 Issue 11-12

Melissa J. Irwin, Peter D. Massey, Belinda Walker, David N. Durrheim

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 20(12) 192–194 Published online: 4 February 2010

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About the author/s

Melissa J. Irwin

Peter D. Massey

Belinda Walker

David N. Durrheim


A multi-agency investigation followed the notification of four locally acquired human brucellosis cases in north-west NSW. Feral pig hunting within a geographically discrete region was identified as the likely exposure with the suspected cause. To test whether feral pigs in the region were infected with , serological testing was performed on trapped feral pigs and testicular abscesses from condemned carcasses bound for export were cultured. Although no species were identified in the feral pigs tested in NSW, species were. Strengthening of human surveillance and ongoing collaboration between animal and human health agencies is required to confirm that causes brucellosis in humans and feral pigs in north-west NSW.