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Hospital and non-hospital costs for fall-related injury in community-dwelling older people Volume 19 Issue 9-10

Anne C. Tiedemann, Susan M. Murray, Bridget Munro, Stephen R. Lord

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 19(10) 161–165 Published online: 21 November 2008

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About the author/s

Anne C. Tiedemann

Susan M. Murray

Bridget Munro

Stephen R. Lord


Objectives: This study determined the cost of fall-related health care in a cohort of community-dwelling people. Methods: 578 people aged 75 years and over were monitored for falls and related health-care costs for one year. Results: The mean cost per injurious fall was $1600 (year 2000 dollars). Hospital costs accounted for 67% of the total cost, even though only 4% of injurious falls required hospital admission. The cost of non-hospital health care was also substantial. Conclusion: This study highlights the economic burden of falls and the importance of injury prevention strategies.