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A comparison of two nutrition signposting systems for use in Australia Volume 19 Issue 7-8

Jimmy Chun-Yu Louie, Victoria Flood, Anna Rangan, Debra J. Hector, Tim Gill

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 19(8) 121–126 Published online: 20 October 2008

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About the author/s

Jimmy Chun-Yu Louie

Victoria Flood

Anna Rangan

Debra J. Hector

Tim Gill


Consumers are interested in making healthier food choices but the mandatory nutrition information panel currently in use in Australia is not easily understood or interpreted by most consumers. A simple nutrition signpost would be valuable. This paper reviews two nutrition signposting systems currently being considered for adoption in Australia. The authors conclude that a system similar to the colour-coded Traffic Light System is likely to be most useful.