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Smokers respond to anti-tobacco mass media campaigns in NSW by calling the Quitline Volume 19 Issue 3-4

Trish Cotter, Donna A. Perez, Anita L. Dessaix, James F. Bishop

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 19(4) 68–71 Published online: 29 April 2008

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About the author/s

Trish Cotter

Donna A. Perez

Anita L. Dessaix

James F. Bishop


Objective: One aim of the anti-tobacco mass media campaigns in NSW is to increase the numbers of smokers calling the Quitline to seek assistance to quit. Methods: Investigation of the relationship between the weight of television advertising (Target Audience Rating Points: TARPs) and number of calls to the Quitline. Results: There is a high correlation between weekly Quitline calls and TARPs. Conclusions: Anti-tobacco mass media campaign advertising that promotes the Quitline number encourages smokers to seek assistance to quit.