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A review of the efficacy of human Q fever vaccine registered in Australia Volume 18 Issue 7-8

Clayton K. Chiu, David N. Durrheim

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 18(8) 133–136 Published online: 27 August 2007

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About the author/s

Clayton K. Chiu

David N. Durrheim


Background: Q fever remains an important occupational zoonosis in rural Australia. Although Q fever vaccine is recommended in high-risk occupational groups, its availability has been limited in recent years. Method: A literature review of the efficacy of the human Q fever vaccine registered in Australia was conducted. Results: Seven relevant vaccine efficacy studies were identified but no large double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled studies have been conducted. Vaccine efficacy has ranged from 83?100% but limitations of study designs hamper a precise estimate of vaccine efficacy. Conclusion: Despite the shortcomings of efficacy studies, the Q fever vaccine available in Australia has considerable protective benefit in established high-risk environments, particularly of an occupational nature.