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Planning for pandemic influenza surveillance in NSW Volume 17 Issue 9-10

David J Muscatello, Michelle A Cretikos, Mark J Bartlett, Tim Churches, Ian W Carter, Keith Eastwood, Leon G Heron, Kenneth A McPhie

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 17(10) 146 - 149 Published: 2006

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About the author/s

David J Muscatello

Michelle A Cretikos

Mark J Bartlett

Tim Churches

Ian W Carter

Keith Eastwood

Leon G Heron

Kenneth A McPhie


Early detection of a novel strain (genotype) of influenza
virus in the NSW population is the key to controlling a
pandemic. If this occurs, ongoing surveillance will help
determine the epidemiology and risk factors of the virus
as well as its impact on essential services. Important
components of surveillance preparedness in NSW include:
border surveillance; hospital-based screening for suspected
cases; protocols for efficient transport and testing of viral
specimens; flexible, robust electronic tools for rapid
surveillance data collection; management and reporting;
and creation of surveillance surge capacity.