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A general practice perspective of pandemic influenza Volume 17 Issue 9-10

Michael G Moore

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 17(10) 135 - 137 Published: 2006

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Michael G Moore


During an influenza pandemic, general practice will
inevitably be involved at the front line; however, the nature
of the role is likely to vary between jurisdictions and
between metropolitan and rural locations. While most of
the plans for general practice are still in evolution, measures
that general practices can take to prepare for a pandemic
include: reviewing the practice’s infection control measures;
ensuring all at-risk patients are immunised against seasonal
influenza and pneumococcus; routinely advising all patients
with viral upper respiratory tract infections on infection
control techniques; connecting the practice to broadband
Internet to aid communication; employing a practice nurse;
and appointing a practice pandemic coordinator. General
practices should start their preparations now.