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Preparing for the next influenza pandemic: A New South Wales perspective

Paul Armstrong, Kerry Chant

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 17(8) 114 - 117 Published: 2006

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Paul Armstrong

Kerry Chant


Pandemic influenza is one of a small number of infectious
diseases that pose a significant global threat. Pandemic
preparedness has accelerated around the world in recent
years in response to the perceived increased risk of a
pandemic developing following the emergence of H5N1
avian influenza in domestic poultry flocks in Asia, Africa
and Europe. There is a hierarchy of pandemic plans –
international, national, state, and local – and harmonisation
of all of these is imperative for a coordinated and effective
response. At the national and state levels, plans have
been developed for a whole-of-government response to a
pandemic, in addition to plans specifically for the health
sector. It is inevitable that influenza pandemics will occur
and careful planning is crucial to mitigate their potentially
devastating effects.