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Pandemic planning at the coal face: Responsibilities of the public health unit Volume 17 Issue 7-8

Keith Eastwood, Peter Massey, David Durrheim

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 17(8) 117 - 120 Published: 2006

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About the author/s

Keith Eastwood

Peter Massey

David Durrheim


Responding to an infectious disease pandemic requires a
coordinated approach from all essential services. Public
health units across NSW will play an important role in
a range of control activities. These include: surveillance,
education, communication, case ascertainment, case
management (excluding clinical management), infection
control, contact tracing, monitoring contacts in home
quarantine, surveillance at borders, epidemiological
studies and immunisation. Public health units are currently
planning for such an emergency and these plans will need
to be tested and refined under simulated conditions.