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Tailoring the Bulletin to meet readership needs

D Lynne Madden

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 17(12) 161 - 162 Published: 2006 Full text doi:10.1071/NB06043

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D Lynne Madden


Commencing with the January–February 2007 issue, the NSW Public Health Bulletin will have a new look. This coincides with PUBLISHING becoming responsible for producing the print and electronic versions of the Bulletin. The Bulletin editorial team at the NSW Department of Health retains responsibility for strategic direction, the management of the peer-review process and the selection of articles for publication. Consequently, this issue will be the last to appear in the design that has identified the Bulletin since it began in May 1990. At this appropriate moment for reflection, four articles in this issue describe recent developments that have informed the evolution and future directions of the Bulletin.