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Development of a chronic disease risk factor index and identifying population subgroups at risk using New South Wales Adult Health Survey 2002 data Volume 16 Issue 9-10

Yvette Miller, Adrian Bauman

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 16(10) 141 - 146 Published: 2005

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About the author/s

Yvette Miller

Adrian Bauman


Recent chronic disease prevention frameworks at both the
national and state level in Australia have emphasised a
transition from vertical, single-issue public health efforts to a
more coordinated approach that targets clustered risk factors
for chronic disease. An integrated approach to reducing
modifiable risk factors requires the development of suitable
performance measures that can be used to monitor the progress
and effectiveness of combined efforts as well as to identify
trends in the risk of population subgroups to assess progress
in addressing health inequalities.
NSW Health recently proposed the concept of a ‘Dashboard
of Indicators’ to monitor health system performance and
prevention activities. This study describes different methods
of calculating an indicator of chronic disease risk using health
behaviour measures from the NSW Adult Health Survey 2002,
and explores the use of a summary indicator for identifying
subgroups within the population at high risk of developing
chronic disease.