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12. Perinatal deaths Volume 16 Issue 4

Lee Taylor, Barbara Bajuk, Trina Vincent, Michael Giffin

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About the author/s

Lee Taylor

Barbara Bajuk

Trina Vincent

Michael Giffin


There were 649 perinatal deaths of at least 22 weeks gestation or at least 500 grams birth weight reported to the MDC in 2004. Confidential reports on 643 deaths were reviewed. Of the 471 stillbirths reported to the MDC, reviews were carried out on 449 (95.3 per cent). The MDC was notified of 178 neonatal deaths. However, reviews were carried out on 194 neonatal deaths, reflecting underenumeration of neonatal deaths on the MDC. Comparative information is also presented for 2001, 2002 and 2003.