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Risk factors for sporadic Salmonella Birkenhead infection in Queensland and northern New South Wales: A case control study

Frank Beard, Russell Stafford, Janet Terry, Geoff Morgan, Aarthi Ayyar, Frances Birrell

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 15(10) 172 - 177 Published: 2004

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About the author/s

Frank Beard

Russell Stafford

Janet Terry

Geoff Morgan

Aarthi Ayyar

Frances Birrell


Salmonella Birkenhead is one of the most commonly
notified causes of gastroenteritis in southern Queensland
and northern New South Wales. It is notified infrequently
in other areas of Australia. This limited geographical
distribution suggests a possible environmental source. A
case control study was conducted to explore risk factors
for sporadic infection with Salmonella Birkenhead and
to inform interventions to reduce the incidence of human