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6. Development of methods Volume 14 Issue 1

Julianne Quaine, Margo Eyeson-Annan, Deborah Baker, Belinda O'Sullivan, Margaret Williamson, Louisa Jorm.

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About the author/s

Julianne Quaine

Margo Eyeson-Annan

Deborah Baker

Belinda O'Sullivan

Margaret Williamson

Louisa Jorm.


The was conducted in the NSW Department of Health’s 19-station computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) facility, which was used to administer the 1997, and 1998 NSW Health Surveys of adults, and 1999 Older People’s Survey. More than 95 per cent of people in NSW have a telephone in their household, making CATI interviewing an efficient, reliable, and safe method of collecting information for population surveys. Methods were mostly consistent with previous NSW Health Surveys, except for methods of sampling of children, use of proxy respondents, introductory questions, and bi-lingual interviews.