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NSW Public Health Bulletin archive

Communicable Diseases Report, NSW: October–December 2002 Volume 13 Issue 11-12

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 13(12) 243 - 252 Published: 2002

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As winter drew to a close in NSW, the expected seasonal increase in notifications of patients diagnosed with invasive pneumococcal disease and meningococcal disease occurred (Table 8, Figure 1). In early spring the typical nadir in arboviral infections, cryptosporidiosis,
and legionnaires disease appeared(Table 9, Figure 1).
Notifications of communicable diseases received through
to the end of October were in line with seasonal
expectations (Table 10, Figure 1). In October, 14 cases of
Q fever were reported among residents of the Macquarie
Area Health Service (Table 10). Reports of other notifiable
diseases remained largely stable.