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Getting population health research to influence health service practice: Use of area health service questions in the NSW Health Survey Volume 12 Issue 8

Julianne Quaine, Peter Sainsbury, Margaret Williamson

New South Wales Public Health Bulletin 12(8) 229 - 231 Published: 2001

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About the author/s

Julianne Quaine

Peter Sainsbury

Margaret Williamson


The difficulty of getting research data to influence practice is well recognised in many fields including public health, education, social science, and clinical healthcare. A number of factors appear to limit the use of research. First, researchers and practitioners often work in isolation of each other. Second, researchers have few incentives to ensure dissemination of results apart from publication. Third, research organisations and service delivery organisations have different objectives, time frames, philosophies, and cultures. Fourth, management support for implementing changes in service delivery in response to research, though crucial, is often lacking. Last, research results may not be relevant to practitioners who often need data simply to legitimise and sustain predetermined actions.