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NSW Public Health Bulletin archive

2. Methods Volume 11 Issue 2

Pam Albany, Adrian Bauman, Jane Bell, Elizabeth Gill, Helen Moore, Louisa Jorm, Edwina Macoun, Beverley Raphael, Isabella Smith, Lee Taylor, Phillip Vita, Karen Webb

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About the author/s

Pam Albany

Adrian Bauman

Jane Bell

Elizabeth Gill

Helen Moore

Louisa Jorm

Edwina Macoun

Beverley Raphael

Isabella Smith

Lee Taylor

Phillip Vita

Karen Webb


In 1999, the NSW Health Department, in conjunction with the 17 Area Health Services, conducted a survey of the health of older people in NSW, using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI). The main aim of the survey was to provide local and statewide information to inform policy development and service planning.