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Closing the gap in a regional health service in NSW: a multistrategic approach to addressing individual and institutional racism

Hunter New England Health and Aboriginal

NSW Public Health Bulletin 23(4) 63-67 http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/NB12069 Published: 13 June 2012

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Hunter New England Health and Aboriginal


Building a culturally safe and respectful organisation that genuinely addresses individual and institutional racism is a substantial and complex undertaking. Achieving this outcome requires sustained commitment and a comprehensive strategy, including the active involvement of Aboriginal stakeholders. This paper describes the journey of a large regional health organisation in NSW. A multistrategic approach is broadly described, with three strategies explored in depth. These are: staff education and training; leadership; and consultation, negotiation and partnerships. Challenges are discussed in the context of promising progress and an ongoing commitment to this important organisational goal.